- Jessica Lindl

How could your city change the future of learning?

Six innovative cities throughout the country will answer that question by taking the 2016 City Challenge to join the LRNG movement. Will your city be among them?

From Chicago and Dallas to Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., LRNG is redesigning learning for the connected age and is now set to add six additional communities across the U.S. Cities have until Feb. 19 to apply for up to $50,000 in funding from the Fossil Foundation to become an LRNG City.

LRNG is an innovative, youth-centric movement that turns learning into a lifestyle, allowing young people to co-design their own learning experiences, pursue their passions, and find new paths to 21st century opportunity and jobs.

Using a technology platform to connect partnerships and learning opportunities both locally and globally, LRNG holds the promise of delivering immediate, transformative change to millions of youth who are locked out of traditional paths to success.

LRNG Cities create a local learning network that links in-school, out-of-school, and employer-based learning opportunities across the community and connects them to the wider LRNG learning ecosystem online.

Each LRNG City has a unique focus to address community-specific needs and leverage community assets, such as rich cultural offerings or employment clusters. In Dallas, for example, youth-serving programs unite to keep students engaged while school is out and prevent summer learning loss. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh connects teens to its active maker community while also supporting public-private partnerships that prepare teens for summer jobs and future careers.

If LRNG represents the future of learning you want to see in your city, the 2016 City Challenge is the place to start. Questions? Watch the video from our Onboarding Summits in Philadelphia and San Francisco — or better yet, sign up to join us next week in Chicago. You can also email us at info@lrng.org or drop into our weekly online office hours on Fridays from 10a to noon PT.

We hope your city will join the evolution of learning!

LRNG is grateful to Fossil Foundation for its generous support of LRNG Cities, and for its on-the-ground partnership in Dallas to introduce young people to careers in design.

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