Everything you need to know about training millennials for government jobs

- Ian Winbrock, LRNG West Sacramento

I’m 28, which means I’m dead center of the largest living generation in American history. I’m a millennial. Some of you reading this will be the parents of millennials, manage millennials or be millennials yourself. Last year, those of us born between 1980 and 2000 surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce. As our generation ages and continues to enter the workforce in greater numbers, we will be bringing our life experiences and quirks with us. Hiring managers, department heads and middle managers have to deal with us for the foreseeable future. We prefer technology-driven collaboration. We value and trust information coming from our contemporaries. We want to control our own projects and learning opportunities so that we can grow. We have an innate drive to do social good. Simultaneously, the Silver Tsunami is starting to hit the shores of government sector employment. State, county Read More

The Infrastructure of Learning in a Net-Centric City

- Kari Keefe, LRNG Kansas City

Kansas City is a net-centric, digital city. To be fair, this is a self-appointed label, but nonetheless, Kansas City makes a good case for it. I believe that net-centricity is a status, not a state, and we are constantly striving toward that goal. Cities are usually place-centric: you go to a particular place in order to do a particular thing. But now digital is not just a method, it’s a strategy, and when it comes to learning and education, the infrastructure of how information moves and is accessed creates a new opportunity for cities to reimagine how this information serves our community and its citizens in the connected age. In 2012, Google Fiber selected Kansas City as the location for its first fiberhood: the first neighborhood ever to receive gigabit internet. In response, Kansas City launched an entire strategy around how we communicate, engage, recreate, entertain, work, educate, interact, and Read More

Big Data is a Big Deal

- Jane Zanzig & Matt Gee

Learning data science can provide youth with some of the most powerful tools of change available. Data scientists have the power to find injustice and mistreatment in police records. They have the power to predict and prevent a child from getting lead poisoning. They even have the power to influence Presidential elections.The job of a data scientist — a person who can make sense of big data by combining the tools of computer science, machine learning, and statistics — was ranked as the #1 job in 2016 by Glassdoor; computer science is now the most popular major at many universities; and more and more jobs in every field are requiring computational literacy to get ahead. Meanwhile, the need to diversify and democratize this high-valued skillset is becoming increasingly apparent.The Center for Data Science and Public Policy (DSaPP) at the University of Chicago has led the way in applying data science Read More

Digital On-Ramps Introduces Digital Badging to Service Programs At Philadelphia Event

- Andy Stutzman, LRNG Philly

Digital On-Ramps, a workforce development program in the Office of University and Community Partnerships at Drexel University, recently shared the LRNG digital badging initiative with a broad group of service organizations as they explored how digital badges  might be used to track the work of service fellows.“Exploring Service Competencies and Digital Badging in Philadelphia and Beyond” was an ideal event to demonstrate how effectively digital badges can track young people’s learning and accomplishments. Among the attendees were service groups from the Philadelphia National Service Organizations Committee, national service programs, and service groups as far away as Chicago and Minnesota.LRNG is providing a youth-first, web-based platform focused on providing year-round, connected learning experiences for youth. Philadelphia was selected as one of eight new cities to launch the initiative this summer, and Digital On-Ramps was chosen as the anchor organization to lead the pilot, branded as LRNG Philly. Why might digital badging Read More

Learning Happens Everywhere. How Do We Make it All Count?

- Patricia Monticello Kievlan, LRNG Pittsburgh

One of 12 LRNG Cities nationwide, LRNG Pittsburgh is led by The Sprout Fund, Pittsburgh’s leading nonprofit agency supporting innovative ideas, catalyzing community change, and making the region a better place to live, work, play, and raise a family. Sprout stewards the Remake Learning Network, a professional network of educators and innovators working together to shape the future of teaching and learning in our region. Remake Learning has been nearly 10 years in the making and we see the network as a model for other communities interested in building collaborative education innovation networks. Recently, we published the Remake Learning Playbook to share the inside story of our experience and provide other communities with a practical resource to guide their work. Remake Learning supports learning opportunities that happen in all kinds of settings, from museums and libraries to schools and after-school programs.  We believe that learning happens everywhere, and our community Read More